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Focus on the vibrations as they travel throughout your body. Using your willpower , control them with your mind. As you feel them, try to control the frequency of the waves as well as stopping and starting them. Once you master changing the frequency and you are sure that you can induce them when needed, you’re ready for step 6.

When concentrating on the heart , it’s best to remain in the same position until you astral project. Don’t try to get up when you feel the first signs of the astral split beginning to happen. Continue with your exercise until you actually project, usually by rising up or by floating up out of your body – at that stage you can get up and move around.

The puppets return and hunt paranormal researchers in an attempt to take their brain fluid for their master, Andre Toulon.

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3. Use appropriate aids – the best thing you will find when looking for astral travel for beginners is that they have audio aids for them. While veterans learnt to control their minds and enjoy OBE (out of body experience) at will, beginners would do good if they use some good aids such as specially recorded audios meant to fast-forward this process. These types of sounds usually promote the shifting of brain frequencies for the ones that are most conducive for astral projection.

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Astral Projection - Open Society The EPAstral Projection - Open Society The EPAstral Projection - Open Society The EPAstral Projection - Open Society The EP