Dror feiler - the return of the real

When not lulled into the pleasant distraction of catching up on how Nick and Jessica are doing on MTV, there are times when I opt for headier entertainment.

The New York Times , in an editorial, said, "At least some of the activists on the lead ship, the Mavi Marmara, were seeking a confrontation – and got one." [7] [ undue weight? – discuss ] According to a UN report, all activist deaths were caused by gunshots, and "the circumstances of the killing of at least six of the passengers were in a manner consistent with an extra-legal, arbitrary and summary execution." [8] [9] The five other ships in the flotilla employed passive resistance , which was suppressed without major incident. According to the UN report, several of the passengers were injured and the leg of one was fractured. [8] [10] The ships were towed to Israel. Some were deported immediately, while about 600 were detained after they refused to sign deportation orders; a few of them were slated for prosecution. After international criticism, all of the detained activists were also deported. [11] [12]

Dror Feiler - The Return Of The RealDror Feiler - The Return Of The RealDror Feiler - The Return Of The Real