Murderhorn - out of bounds

The tavern has been the ongoing victim of Bart's prank calls in the earlier seasons to which he calls Moe for gag names that gets him laughed at by the patrons and ends with Moe threatening bodily harm to whoever prank called him. One prank call backfired on Bart , Hugh Jass , for there was a patron of the same name in Flaming Moe's.

The state is made up of mainly agricultural land, with occasional large cities such as Capital City and medium-sized towns such as Springfield and Shelbyville . The farms mainly grow corn, livestock, dairy, fruit, cotton, tobacco, and tomacco , while within the cities, the main industries are brewing by the Duff and Fudd Beer corporations, coal mining, casinos, manufacture of boxes, pillows, food, copper, iron, steel, industrial equipment, dangerous chemicals and retail. This balance means that most of the population works in low paid, blue collar jobs.

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Murderhorn - out of boundsMurderhorn - out of boundsMurderhorn - out of boundsMurderhorn - out of bounds